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Screen Printing, the industry

Screen printing is a universal printing process. And in turn, the methods of production also vary. There are around 550 commercial screen printing companies in Germany. In addition, many other companies use screen printing as a secondary process within their main business operation. More than half of companies use screen printing alone.

Products: The most important product groups is self-adhesive films, which make up approximately two-fifths of the total. Next are plastics printing and paper & board printing, which make up one-fifth each. Other groups include textiles, metals and incentives.

Technology: The basic principle of screen printing is the transferring of printing ink through the print form to the substrate. The print form is woven mesh stretched across a frame, on to which a stencil has been produced. A squeegee disperses the ink across the screen. Next, the squeegee pushes the ink through the open areas of the stencil, on to the substrate underneath.

How is the stencil produced? There are several methods of transferring an image on to the screen. The screen is coated with a direct emulsion and exposed after drying. The exposed stencil is developed with water. This dissolves the unexposed areas of the stencil and these areas can then be permeated by the ink.

Screen Printing: brilliant in so many ways.
Screen printing outshines many other printing methods: the ink deposit is five to ten times that of other printing processes. It is therefore particularly suitable for high quality advertising, signage, posters and packaging.

Screen Printing, the industry>

Grand format and outdoor prints: Textiles, plastics, paper metal, ceramics and much more can been screen printed. Lightfast inks and weatherproof materials make screen printing suitable for use in busy urban environments. Grand format posters, illuminated advertising and eye-catching mega-billboards show screen printing in a new light.

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