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Service: large size poster

Large sizes are posters in the 18/1 sheet format (252 x 356 cm). They are 18 times as tall as the format DIN A 1 (59 x 84 cm), the 1/1 sheet. Large size is the widespread advertising medium in out of Home media.

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Emil Frey KG Siebdruck Digitaldruck 22525 Hamburg
Metz GmbH 35606 Solms
Niko Müller Siebdruck 66687 Wadern
RAU professionals® 55252 Mainz-Kastel
Scheurle Siebdruck GmbH 73434 Aalen
Dambach Print + Service GmbH 76467 Bietigheim
Siebdruck Esslinger GmbH 98520 Heidenheim-Grosskuchen